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Monday, 8 November 2010

What women want

Oh good.  Coors is talking about launching another beer to “attract women”.  Details yet to be provided, but the last time they attempted this in 2009, it was pulled before it even hit the bar.  Hardly surprising since they had ultra filtered it to remove the colour (someone please show me the research that says the reason less women drink beer is because they don’t like the colour) and flavoured it with green tea and dragon fruit.  I rather suspect that anyone attracted to such a drink would probably rather drink fruity green tea given the choice.

Of course mass produced tasteless lagers are hard to sell to someone whose regular tipple may be a full bodied pinot noir.  So why not appeal to their senses instead of trying to deceive them.  Surely the point is not to con women into drinking beer by disguising it as something else, but to break the perception barrier and dispel the myths.  If it’s all about clever marketing, surely we can use the existing attributes of beers to appeal to women. 

The only details we have been given so far are that they are going to change the glassware offering to something more elegant and unusual, more of a goblet style.  This is encouraging, although we cannot rule out the launch of an alcopop dressed as a beer, (or is that a beer dressed as an alcopop?) at least it is a step in the right direction.  Firstly, women are likely to drink smaller quantities of beer at a.  Secondly it’s a more elegant solution, and more similar to the glassware they are used to holding.  And thirdly, it’s not a patronising gimmick -  goblet style glasses are also associated with quality craft beers, so it has connotations of good taste.  So the goblet has the potential to be both aesthetically pleasing and practical.  I only hope that Coors come up with the contents to match, and don’t try to pretend that it’s not really beer.

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  1. Always thought Fruli had pretty much nailed this through two cunning tricks:
    1) Changing colour
    2) Making it not taste like beer...